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My Learning Matters

man with hands in the air and the following in thought bubbles: dollar sign, heart, house, carMy Learning Matters is an online tool built by My Choice Matters to help you get the most out of the changing disability support system.

We want you to be as prepared as possible and this means you have to put in a little bit of work. When you register and login you will have access to over 60 resources all about making your life the best it can be. You will get resources about the following topics;

  • A Good Life and Needs and Dreams
  • A Good Life and Feeling Valued
  • A Good Life and Funding
  • Choice
  • Speaking Up and Rights
  • Home
  • Managing a Personal Budget
  • Choosing a Service Provider
  • Choosing Staff
  • Community Connections
  • Trying New Things
  • Making Friends
  • Book About Me
  • Circle of Support
  • Goals
  • Work

two girls huggingYou can choose to complete all of them or you can just do the ones that you think are relevant.

All of the resources have been tested by people with disability and the website has too. But please let us know if something is not right and we will get to fixing it straight away.

My Choice Matters would like to thank a whole lot of people who helped create My Learning Matters.

  • Kim Roots for taking on the task of creating most of the resources
  • Barbel Winters for her contributions to the topics of Good Life and Choice
  • Shu-Hua Chan for tirelessly testing each resource
  • Emely Nott for her wonderful videos
  • Anthony Mulholland, Nick Gleeson, Rhys Nagas, Gayle Kennedy, Margaret Hardman, Catherine Hogan, Emma and Rhiannon Brodie, Linda and Jacob Hughes, Libby and Mathew Ellis, Shu-Hua Chan and other supporters for sharing their stories on camera
  • Carolyn Campbell-Maclean and Catherine Mahony for presenting each video
  • Callum Wylie for his song 'Forever' which has been used throughout the videos

my choice matters





man staring into a mirrorMy Choice Matters works with people with disability and their families to live their life their way and get the most out of the changing disability system. Our goal is to help you learn and practice new ways of doing things and develop and grow your skills in Choice, Voice and Control. We believe it is important that you have these 3 qualities in your life!

  • Choice: actively selecting options, alternatives and possibilities and making decisions right for you!
  • Voice: having your say, being heard, speaking up!
  • Control: making it happen, having the skills to put your choice & voice into action